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Our Coffee Story

   20 Years of  Customer Satisfaction   

Although Brighton Coffee Machines has updated its website and is in the process of updating its whole store we will never change from providing our quality customer service and products sourced from around the world.

We ensure that the true value of our service is the time and commitment to knowing our products and sourcing the best products is paramount.

On top of our great product offerings is our warranty and quality repairs. We are the choice of manufacturers the world around but an easy accessible service for the great Melbourne Coffee Market.

We have always grown and expanded our product and service offerings to be sure our clients and customers can use us as their one stop shop for all their needs.

Whether is it a new machine, upgrades or accessories, warranties or supplies or even just a manual or technical advice, you can rely on us to be on hand to assist.

The difference with Brighton Coffee Machine services is our team and their commitment to being coffee connoisseurs.

Our knowledge is available on hand whenever you need us and we would love to hear from you.

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