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  • What is the turnaround time for a Coffee Machine Service?
    An estimate time is 2 to 5 working working days. Brighton Coffee Machine Services also offers an express service for an additional fee. (when possible)
  • When I make the espresso coffee it comes out a little watery?
    This could mean the grinder settings are incorrect. Adjust your grinder settings to a finer grind. Usually the lower number or the small dot depending on your machine. Refer to your coffee machine user manual.
  • My coffee machine lights or power will not turn on?
    Firstly ensure that your machine is plugged in to the wall socket and the power point is turned on. Most automatic coffee machines have an on/off button that is not always easy to locate. Check all around the coffee machine to check if there is a second On/Off switch. Otherwise you need a qualified technician to inspect your machine
  • The brewer unit seems to be blocked
    This could mean the the filter requires cleaning. Remove the brewer unit and wash with fresh water. In particular pay attention to the filter ensuring any leftover old coffee grounds are removed. You can also use a fine wire brush or a tooth brush to to gently give a brush.
  • My coffee machine is leaking water
    Identify which part of the machine is leaking. If the leak is around the water tank, you may need to replace the seal. Other areas will require the machine to be serviced by a qualified technician.
  • How often should i service my coffee machine.
    Your machine should be serviced on an annual basis with normal use or six monthly with heavy use. This will ensure the quality of your coffee is consistantly perfect.
  • What is included with a coffee machine service.
    Included in a standard service the machine is inspected, parts replaced that are worn or perhaps leaking. The unit is then cleaned, descaled and fully tested prior to delivery. Our work is also guaranteed for 3 months from defects. If you have any questions regarding your coffee machine service please let us know.
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